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When the students join to Perkasa Flight School and took Ab Initio Program they will going into some course, which is:

  • Private Pilot Course
  • Commercial Pilot Course
  • Instrument Rating Course
  • Air Transport Pilot Course

Those four steps will be took by every single students of Perkasa Flight School. In this article we will explain about Private Pilot Course;

“Private Pilot Course is designed to produce of competent pilot who will be capable of conducting safe and effective flight while exercising the privilege granted by their license and ratings and understand the system, description and operation of the aircraft to fulfil their knowledge how to fly the aircraft properly, safely and comfortably to meet the requirements of practical test standard.”

The objectives of Private Pilot Course are:

  • Identify how the necessary preflight activities, be introduced to the flight controls, and learn how they are used to maintain specific attitudes
  • Identify how control maneuvers and be introduced to stalls from various flight conditions to increase understanding of airplane control during normal and critical flight conditions.
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