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Perkasa Flight School provides the best facilities for the best quality of flight training. Cadets will be trained by qualified instructors, both local and expatriates. There are comfortable study room, with modern equipment + wifi and the latest teaching methods. The whole Perkasa aircrafts are always undergo rigorous periodic maintenance to keep them reliable for flight training.

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Instructor is a very important resource for a pilot school. The quality of instructors is also a determinant factor for the success of the cadets. This factor is highly considered by Perkasa Flight School in order to provide experienced and high quality instructors for its cadets.

Perkasa Flight School has so far 18 instructors led by a Chief Flight Instructor. Not only from Indonesia, the instructors also come from overseas. During training, the cadet will be accustomed to use English as the communication language, with the aim to increase the English capability. Trained by professional instructors, both local and expatriates, will be a valuable experience for all cadets.

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Aircraft and Simulator

The main facility for pilot schools is the availability of training aircraft. As a pilot school that needs to provide the best service for its cadets, Perkasa Flight School has already had 18 training aircrafts and will continue to add more in line with the increasing number of students.

Until today, Perkasa Flight School has 18 training aircrafts, consist of :

  • Cessna 172 = 2 units
  • Piper Warrior = 15 units
  • Piper Seminole (Twin Engine) = 1 unit


With sufficient number of aircrafts, Perkasa Flight School is ready to train its cadets to become reliable pilots within relatively short duration ie 16-18months. We are able to provide education within short duration due to the ideal ratio of aircrafts and cadet ie. 1 : 5 (1 aircraft for 5 cadets).

All Perkasa Flight School trained aircrafts are uniquely named after special women. Not just any women, but the important who has played the important role in the development of Perkasa Flight School.

Full motion simulator – Red Bird is also an important facility to support pilot training in Perkasa Flight School. Perkasa has two types of simulator : FMX simulator which is located in Cilacap and MCX – Multi crew simulator, which is stationed in Tanjung Pandan, which is used for cadet who has entered the stage CPL and instrument rating.

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Training Bases

The entire training aircrafts are located in the training bases of Perkasa Flight School. ie. Tunggul Wulung Airport (Cilacap), Nusawiru Airport (Pangandaran), Raja Haji Fisabilillah airport (Tanjung Pinang), and H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin Airport (Tanjung Pandan). All training bases are ideal for flight training for cadets in improving the flight skills.

During the course cadets will stay in the convenient accommodation complete with wi-fi facility. Ground school is conducted in comfortable classrooms with modern training equipments.