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8 Very, Very, Very Good Reasons Why You Should Choose
Indonesia and Perkasa Flight School For Your Aviation Education

1. Price vs Quality – Efficient delivery = No quality compromise

At Perkasa Flight School, we believe that you deserve to receive the very best training. We ensure that your training program will allow you the best opportunity to gain employment once you have graduated. Perkasa Flight School training system is recognized for its high quality and comprehensive syllabus. That is why Perkasa Flight School is an approved flight school of Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam and Directorate of Civil Aviation of Lao PDR .

2. Competitive price – value for money

Our training program is comprehensive, yet with affordable price. We also equipped our students with Android tablet installed with e-book training materials, all inclusive in the price.

3. Variable training conditions – dynamic environment to fine tune your skill

Indonesia geographical environment is world renowned for its beauty and diversity. You can experience the beauty of the surrounding oceans, to the majesty of our native forests, rolling hills, mountains and magnificent beaches. The range of climatic conditions also challenge your skills, delivering to you a far higher understanding of the business of aviation. Airlines now recognize the risks of employing “fair weather” pilots, those graduates who are only used to flying over flat ground on a cloudless day. By training in Indonesia with Perkasa Flight School, you will become a more skilled and competent pilot better qualified to cope with all the meteorological and geographical challenges you will face.

4. International recognition of aviation documents and qualifications

Easily transfer your qualifications to your home country. When you obtain an Indonesian aviation license, you can be assured that your training will be recognized by your home country’s regulator and air transport operators. Some countries also put real value on Perkasa Flight School qualifications therefore you can be confident that the level of your training will ensure you to pass the flight tests or evaluations, so you are more capable of demonstrating your competency as an aviation professional.

5. Employment pathways – Your first aviation opportunity

For suitably qualified graduates, Perkasa Flight School has established collaboration with some international Airlines (Such as VietJet in Vietnam), designed to provide added value to all graduates with beyond ab-initio pilot training programs. We also employ all our future instructors from our graduates however only qualified performers will be considered.

6. Lifestyle – Enjoy Indonesia’s way of life while you train

Due to the incredible diversity of the country, the Indonesian government established a strong sense of cohesion throughout the archipelago, in line with the country’s slogan ‘Bhineka Tunggal Ika’ or ‘Unity in Diversity´. Along with this strong unity and conformity to society´s rules, honor and respect for the individuals have formed the basis of Indonesian culture. Indonesia is an open, friendly and peaceful country. Beside of the Unity in Diversity at Indonesia, training with Perkasa Flight School will also give opportunities for students to take in some of our natural attractions, you will also fly over some of the worlds most beautiful terrain.

7. Modern Equipment – The latest and the greatest

All our equipment is kept up to date and relevant, and maintained to the very high standard. We also maintain a low instructor vs student ratio so that you get the very best personal attention during your training. However, cadets are still required to do the hard work required to achieve your aviation ambition.

8. Advanced Training – Getting you “Airlines” ready

Perkasa Flight School allows you to put the “finishing touches” on your CV by providing all the advanced training you require to be “employment ready”. By completing our beyond ab-initio programs, you will be equipped to demonstrate a higher level of competency with any potential employer.