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Zero to Hero Program 

“From Ab-Initio pilot training to Type Rating and up to 500 hours Line Training program”

Inspired by the fast growing trend of aviation industry, Mitra Aviasi Perkasa, a company who is specialized in pilot training, realize the urgent need of ‘quality and ready to work’ pilots. There was time when pilot training was sponsored by the airline and all the training expenses were usually paid by the new pilot via training bond. Unfortunately the situation has changed and only few airlines still apply this policy. Nowadays, most airlines request the new pilots to pay the type rating training by themselves or in some cases prefer to hire rated pilots. Aside from type rating, pilots who have earned flight hours also have higher bargaining position when they apply for FO job. In this case, Line Training program will increase the amount of on type flight hours, gain experience in the actual aircraft and become the aviation career fast track. By completing the Line Training program, new pilots will collect hours to get the job easier.

Zero to Hero Program program phases Consists of :

    1. Ab initio program : CPL-IR SE or ME program with ATPL Theory, either in ICAO License or FAA License or EASA License
    2. Type Rating program : A320, B737 NG or ATR which include MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation). Location : ATO in Jakarta, Philippines or Europe
    3. Job interview preparation
    4. Line Training : in South East Asia, Africa, Europe
    5. Job recruitment process in the airlines
    6. Job employment in the airlines
    7. Life time job placement via WASINC

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