About Us

Perkasa Flight School is a brand name of an Indonesian certified flight school under PT MITRA AVIASI PERKASA, a limited liability company that was established in 2012 with the Pilot School Certificate PSC – 141D / 017 and approved by Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam and Department of Civil Aviation of Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Each cadet is trained to be reliable pilot by experienced instructors, the best facilities and the most reliable aircrafts. Perkasa Flight School has three training bases which are ideal for flight training and ground school ie. Tunggul Wulung airport – Cilacap, Nusawiru airport – Pangandaran, and Chakrabuana airport – Cirebon.

Inspired by the fast – growing airline industry in Indonesia and around the world, PT. Mitra Aviasi Perkasa/Perkasa Flight School, in order to provide qualified, professional pilots to the market, develops its ready to work pilot program or ZERO TO HERO program by collaborating with various outstanding partners such as GTA and BAA Training for type rating course, TAROM, Pegasus Airlines and ONUR Air for line training up to 300 hours on type and WASINC and Flight Crew International for FIRST OFFICER JOB  opportunities in various airlines. So, only in Perkasa Flight School you can be trained from zero hour up to 300 hours on type first officer at package prices and no hidden cost.

Join us now and ascertain your seat as the future pilot for the world airlines!

Perkasa Flight School – One Stop Pilot Training Solution!

Aldy Purnama

Batch 10

“Perkasa Flight School is one of the best pilot schools in Indonesia. Supported by experienced professional instructors and good training facilities, make it easier for students to understand better in training material.”

Lalu M. Zaki

Batch 10

“I become a better person than before, thanks to all instructors and staffs for their hard work and cooperation. I have learned many things. Beside the knowledge that I’ve got, I also got a lot of friends who are so kind and friendly.”

Gregorio Triesa Harlan

Batch 12

“Perkasa Flight School has made me not just a better pilot but also a better human being. The school gives plenty of opportunities to sharpen my knowledge, personality and skills.”