Welcome to PFS Main Operational Base, Batch XXII!

Cilacap – Tuesday, 25th April 2017, Perkasa Flight School (PFS) welcoming our “new family member”, PFS “new family member” was six cadets  who joined as batch XXII of Perkasa Flight School. After passed some test to join with Perkasa Flight School, Six cadets from batch XXII started their training course since Tuesday 25th April 2017.

The cadets approximately will take 14-18 months during their training course with Perkasa Flight School, all of the cadets also will keep moving from every single airport which has being a training base from Perkasa Flight School, a few airports which being a training base from Perkasa Flight School is:

  1. Tunggulwulung Airport, Cilacap – Central Java
  2. Nusawiru Airport, Pangandaran – West Java
  3. Has Hanandjoedin Airport, Tanjung Pandan – Bangka Belitung

These are the name of all of the cadets who joined as batch XIX of Perkasa Flight School:

  1. Ahmed Arly Rafsanjani
  2. Khoirurrijal Degasmara Putra Yomadasa
  3. Lathif Ryan Putra
  4. Rachdian Triadi Prasetya
  5. Rifky Ananta Putra Rusdi
  6. Sando Agusti

While cadets from batch XXII adapting with their “new home”, their senior will take their graduation ceremony  Approximately on June 2017. Furthermore, until now Perkasa Flight School has been graduated hundreds cadets and many of them has been working in many airlines in Indonesia.

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