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(ICAO – EASA Licenses at Perkasa Flight School)


We are proudly present our new program!

As we know before, Perkasa Flight School has a Double Degree Program that makes you able to obtain ICAO and EASA Licenses.

Perkasa Flight School continues to innovate and develop its quality in every program to provide the best for the cadets, including in preparing cadets in broaden and enrich their knowledge in the world of aviation. The availability of this quality proves that the school will be able to guide cadets throughout their learning process in developing the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in the workforce.

Currently, it is possible to combine the ICAO Commercial Pilot License course with the EASA ATP (A) Theory course to get double licenses in Perkasa Flight School. This combination allows you to start learning the EASA ATPL Theory by distance learning after you have done your ICAO Private Pilot License. We deliver our ATPL Theory using a blended learning solution which includes online material; classroom-based instruction; computer-based learning and self-study. It is a fast track program where EASA theory is usually taken within a period of about 6 months, so you can complete CPL-IR ME learning with your EASA ATP (A) Theory online class at the same time.

Our partners for EASA Conversion is located in Zagreb, Croatia and in Athens, Greece, where they provide EASA ATP (A) Theory for cadets who are doing flying course at Perkasa Flight School. Through this program, students can accelerate the learning time of EASA ATPL Theory by 90% online using a web-based distance-learning program, and only should go to Zagreb or Athens to take the exam upon completion of the web-based course, also to take the flight training. It is possible to make it faster by combining your Indonesian ICAO Commercial Pilot License with an EASA license with ATPL Theory.

The EASA ATP (A) Theory course contains of 750 hours of aeronautical theory. It takes 6 to 8 months to learn. When you start your EASA Theory course right after your Indonesia ICAO Private Pilot check-ride, it is possible for you to finish EASA Theory classes only 1 or 2 months after you finish your Indonesian ICAO Commercial Pilot training.


The EASA ATP theory is divided into three sections. This stage is designed to teach cadets all the theory and knowledge that required in commercial environment, so cadets will be qualified operate the aircraft safely and profesionally. There are 14 subjects:

 Module One:

  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft General Knowledge covering; power-plants, systems and electrics
  • Air Law
  • IFR Communications
  • VFR Communications

Module Two:

  • Principles Of Flight
  • Instrumentation
  • Performance
  • Flight Planning

Module Three:

  • Operational Procedures
  • General Navigation
  • Radio Navigation
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Mass and Balance

We might say that ATP Theory is a quite challenging course, and we encourage cadets to set their pace from the start, setting their goal trough commitment to their study. Therefore, we are open to those who need guidance or counseling services as a form of our support for cadets who are implementing ATP Theory.

The fastest and the most economical way of obtaining both licenses are at Perkasa Flight School. For more information on EASA ATP Theory, please directly contact us through email or WhatsApp.