Flight School that have been Approved by 3 Countries
(Indonesia, Vietnam, Lao)

Perkasa Flight School is open for International Student registration

EASA License Program

Best Flight School (Perkasa Flight School) has launched an Integrated Double Licenses Program (ICAO & EASA). First, you will be trained to obtain Indonesia ICAO License, then you’ll go through EASA Conversion program for two weeks in Europe.

Zero to Hero Program

Inspired by the fast growing aviation industry, Perkasa Flight School realizes the urgent need of “quality and ready to work” pilots. The Zero To Hero pilot training program will train the students from Ab Initio pilot training, then type rating training and finally the line training up to 500 flight hours on type on A320 / B737 / ATR.

Perkasa Flight School

Perkasa Flight School is an International Flight School that was established in 2012 with the Pilot School Certificate PSC – 141D / 017 under Indonesia Directorate General of Civil Aviation and approved by Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam and Department of Civil Aviation of Lao People’s Democratic Republic. We are the only flight school in South East Asia that have been approved by 3 countries ie. Indonesia, Vietnam and Lao. Each cadet is trained to be reliable pilot by experienced instructors, the best facilities and the most reliable aircrafts where currently we own 16 aircrafts. Perkasa Flight School has three training bases with beautiful areal views which are ideal for flight training and ground school ie. Tunggul Wulung airport – Cilacap, Nusawiru airport – Pangandaran, dan HAS Hanandjoeddin airport – Tanjung Pandan.

Ab initio pilot program in Perkasa Flight School enable cadets to become reliable pilots within relatively short period due to efficient ratio aircraft and cadet of maximum 1:5 (1 aircraft for 5 cadets). In addition to this efficient ratio, Perkasa Flight School is equipped with modern teaching and learning facilities, with comfortable accommodation, thus supporting cadet environment in completing his/her pilot training. Cadets are trained by experienced Indonesian and foreign instructors.

Currently Perkasa Flight School conducts training for Indonesia DGCA / ICAO License such as PPL (Private Pilot License), CPL (Commercial Pilot License), IR (Instrument Rating), Multi Engine Rating and Flight Instructor Certificate. For the ones who also want to obtain EASA license, Perkasa Flight School collaborates with a flight academy in Europe in order to convert Indonesia DGCA / ICAO License to EASA license.

Inspired by the fast – growing airline industry in Indonesia and around the world, Perkasa Flight School, in order to provide qualified and professional pilots to the market, develops its ready to work pilot program or ZERO TO HERO program by collaborating with various outstanding partners such as GTA and BAA Training for type rating course, Pegasus Airlines and Eagle Jets for line training up to 500 hours on type and WASINC (www.wasinc.aero) and Flight Crew International (www.fci.aero) for FIRST OFFICER JOB opportunities in various airlines. So, only in Perkasa Flight School the cadets can be trained from zero hour up to 500 hours on type first officers and even get a first officers job in the airlines.

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Why Perkasa Flight School?

cadet sekolah pilot perkasa batch 5

Cheapest Tuition Fees (No Hidden Fees)

The tuition fees of our flight school are very affordable yet the cheapest but provide fully integrated pilot training programmes if compare to the others. A Zero to Hero Program which consist of Ab Initio Pilot Training, Type Rating Course and Line Training up to 500 hours on-type (A320 / B737NG / ATR)

Most Completed Pilot Training Program

Perkasa Flight School’s provide the most completed and the best pilot training program if compare to the other flight school in the world, our Zero to Hero program are consist of Ab Initio program, Type Rating training and Line Training up to 500 flight hour on type on A320 or B737

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Great Facilities

A good pilot school and best flight school must provide the facilities which needed by the cadet. We provide the best facilities for our cadets, such as 18 training aircraft, 2 full-motion modern simulators, comfortable classrooms with latest teaching methods (Computer Based Training) and adequate accommodation. For Type Rating & Line Training programs, Perkasa Flight School is collaborating with the reputable ATO in Indonesia / Europe and airlines in Europe to conduct high quality training in order to add value to the new pilots when they apply for FO job in the airline

Student Experiences

"The training was exciting, taught me many things especially in the aviation world. I hope, in line with the increase of number of the aircraft, Perkasa Flight School will keep developing and become more successful. And I do hope Perkasa Flight School could reach its goal via its vision and mission."
Puspa Dea Aditya
Cadet Batch 5
"Perkasa Flight School has a lot of training aircrafts, experience instructors-ground and flight, and solid teamwork between junior and senior cadets. The training experience has given me deep knowledge during my training at Perkasa Flight School. This is due to discipline, teamwork, respect amongst others and all of those factors have made all us like a one big family."
Cadet Batch 4
"Thanks to Perkasa Flight School that has trained me physically and mentally so that I could successfully become a pilot. The process was relatively fast, with friendly instructors, reliable mechanics, and professional staffs, that make the school is comfortable and reliable."
Cadet Batch 5

Become our Students


  • Ab Initio;
    • Minimum age 17 years old
    • Minimum high school graduates
    • Healthy : Proven by Medical Examination
    • English Proficiency : TOEIC Score Minimum 600
    • Pass Aviation Psychotest (Compass Test)
    • Minimum Height 165 cm
  • Type Rating Program (may include base check):
    • Hold valid medical examination class 1 certificate
    • Hold CPL-IR Multi Engine
    • Radio Telephony Certificate
    • Minimum ICAO Aviation English level 4 and TOEIC Score of Min.700
  • Line Training Program :
    • Valid Type Rating Certificate
    • Hold a valid medical exam
    • EASA license holder for program in Europe

Absolutely its possible, we called this as an individual program, please click at the important links at the bottom of the page for our individual programs.

You will have to meet minimum medical standards, but in most cases this will not be a problem. Many student pilots & airline pilots wear glasses.

The zero to hero program (Integrated Ab Initio, Type Rating & Line Training) cost are start from US$ 130,000

For those who only want to join our Ab Initio program, the cost are start from US$ 48,000 for training in Single Engine Aircraft & US$ 54,500 for Single Engine & Multi Engine Aircraft

Yes, Perkasa Flight School as the best flight school provides Type Rating & Line Training scholarship for cadets who join Zero to Hero Program and meet the recruitment requirements.

For International Students, all of the communication in the class will using English.

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