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Finding the right flight school is one key to ensure that your plan to be a pilot will be success. You need to know what your goal is before you start and consider a few of common elements that may apply to your decision.

Perkasa Flight School is a brand name of an Indonesian certified flight school under PT MITRA AVIASI PERKASA, a limited liability company that was established in 2012 with the Pilot School Certificate PSC – 141D / 017 and approved by Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam and Department of Civil Aviation of Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Each cadet is trained to be reliable pilot by experienced instructors, the best facilities and the most reliable aircrafts. Perkasa Flight School has three PERKASA FLIGHT SCHOOL AS YOUR BEST PILOT SCHOOL which are ideal for flight training and ground school ie. Tunggul Wulung airport – Cilacap, Nusawiru airport – Pangandaran, and Chakrabuana airport – Cirebon.

Perkasa Flight School is designed to provide International Students with integrated flight training program, taking the students from someone with zero flight experience to a commercial pilot in as little as 14 months. Our programs support students who may speak English as a second language and who want to pursue a career as a professional pilot. In the aviation industry, the ability to speak English proficiently is required of all pilots.

Ab initio program in Perkasa Flight School enable cadets to become reliable pilots within relatively short period between 14-16 months due to efficient ratio aircraft and cadet of maximum 1:5 (1 aircraft for 5 cadets). In addition to this efficient ratio, Perkasa Flight School is equipped with modern teaching and learning facilities, with comfortable accommodation, thus supporting cadet environment in completing student’s pilot training. Cadets are trained by experienced instructors.

Perkasa Flight School continues to innovate and develop its quality in every program to provide the best for the cadets, including in preparing cadets in broaden and enrich their knowledge in the world of aviation. The availability of this quality proves that the school will be able to guide cadets throughout their learning process in developing the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in the workforce.

Currently, it is possible to combine the ICAO Commercial Pilot License course with the EASA ATP (A) Theory course to get double licenses in Perkasa Flight School. This combination allows you to start learning the EASA ATPL Theory by distance learning after you have done your ICAO Private Pilot License. We deliver our ATPL Theory using a blended learning solution which includes online material; classroom-based instruction; computer-based learning and self-study. It is a fast track program where EASA theory is usually taken within a period of about 6 months, so you can complete CPL-IR ME learning with your EASA ATP (A) Theory online class at the same time.

Inspired by the fast – growing airline industry in Indonesia and around the world, Perkasa Flight School, in order to provide qualified, professional pilots to the market, develops its ready to work pilot program or ZERO TO HERO program by collaborating with various outstanding partners such as Type Rating Training Organization (TRTO) in Indonesia, Lithuania, Spain, Tunisia and USA, Flight Schools in Europe and Turkey for EASA and Turkish DGCA Licence conversion, Airlines in Turkey and Romania for Line Training up to 500 hours on type and two International recognized flight crew recruitment company for FIRST OFFICER JOB opportunities in various airlines. So, only in Perkasa Flight School you can be trained from zero hour up to 500 hours on type first officer at package prices and no hidden cost. These are just a few tips about Perkasa Flight School that you can considerate as your best choice to do a pilot training. Join us now and ascertain your seat as the future pilot for the world airlines! Perkasa Flight School – A Comprehensive Pilot Training.