About Us

Perkasa Flight School, under PT MITRA AVIASI PERKASA, is one of the largest pilot schools in Indonesia with a PSC - 141 - 017 pilot certificate, and focuses on preparing pilot students who are ready to take on roles as commercial pilots. Established in July 2013, Perkasa Aviation School has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam and the Lao People's Democratic Republic. Each pilot student is trained to become a reliable pilot by experienced instructors, the best facilities and the most reliable aircrafts. Perkasa Flight School has an ideal training base located at Tunggul Wulung Airport - Cilacap, Nusawiru Airport - Pangandaran, which accommodates ground and flight training.


The efficient ratio of 1:5 (1 aircraft for 5 cadets) enables cadets to become reliable pilots within a relatively short period, approximately 14-16 months. Moreover, Perkasa Flight School provides modern teaching and learning facilities, along with comfortable accommodation, to support cadets in completing their pilot training in a conducive environment.

Currently, Perkasa Flight School offers training for Indonesian DGCA/ICAO flight licenses, including PPL (Private Pilot License), CPL (Commercial Pilot License), IR (Instrument Rating), MER(Multi Engine Rating), ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License), FIC (Flight Instructor Certificate), as well as the PPL/CPL-IR endorsement program. Only at Perkasa Aviation School you can receive training that allows you to get the opportunity being recruited as a First Officer, all at an affordable cost.

Join us now and ascertain your seat as the future pilot for the world airlines!
Perkasa Flight School – A Comprehensive Pilot Training!