Indonesia is an unquestionable developed, modern and beautiful country. Lined streets with jewelers, boutiques and lifestyle showrooms make great windows shopping of glamorous locals and luxurious foreign brands. Definitely a shopping paradise for anyone who wants to buy branded goods in first-class malls. Surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and a very friendly, tolerance and hospitable people. A country with multitude numbers of culture, you will always find something new each day. However, Indonesia also rich for its natural wealth such as breathtaking long beaches, mountains, tropical climate, wonderful natural locations and a rich cultural heritage.

This list of tallest buildings in Indonesia ranks skyscrapers in Indonesia by height. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. There are 88 Highrise building (150m+) have been built in Greater Jakarta and 26 more still under construction. Indonesia is ranked number 11th in the World by the number of 150m+ completed building and 9th in Asia. There are 4 Supertall building (300m+) that are still under construction. The average building age is 8 years. The first Highrise in Jakarta is Wisma 46 (262 m) and holds the longest record of the highest building in Jakarta for nearly 20 years. The tallest Building in Jakarta is Gama Tower (310 m) since 2015.


You Can Find Modern Malls In All Over Indonesia

The presence of luxury brands such as GUCCI, HERMES, BALENCIAGA as well as other international middle class such as Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, Mango, while strengthening the position of Jakarta as one of the shopping tourism destination in Asia. Based on the research of Jones Lang LaSalle, Indonesia’s position is very important for foreign retailers.

Indonesia currently has 45 million people who belong to the category of spending money outside of basic needs. The per capita income also increased to 3.877 US dollars. In addition, the Indonesian people are also very royal in shopping especially for food and drinks and clothing. They spent 75 billion dollars on food. While the consumption of apparel and other apparel is 22 billion US dollars.

Indonesia Preserving Tolerance

What must be first emphasized is the wisdom of the country’s founders: Indonesia was established on the basis of a unique political compromise, between its Moslem majority and its non-Moslem minorities entrenched in several parts of the country. The compromise, set on independence in the Piagam Jakarta (1945), was that Islam would not be the state religion, but that the state would nevertheless be religion-inspired. This realistic compromise was formulated ideologically in the five principles of the Pancasila (Oneness of God, Humanism, Democracy/Deliberative consensus, Nationalism and Social justice) which added to the national motto, Unity in Diversity (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika) constitute the foundation of the Indonesian state and nation.

ICAO Safety Implementation Audit Score

DGCA INDONESIA posted better results than
Global Average with an average score of 80.84

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